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Ryan Reiffert
San Antonio Business Attorney

San Antonio, Texas

Professional and experienced business attorney

You've come to the right place

8 years of high-level practice
Proven results
Top-notch educational background
Big Firm expertise and In-House perspective

Experienced Counsel

When you need a skilled and tested advisor

Strategic Perspective

When you need to be three moves ahead

Ryan Reiffert San Antonio Business Attorney

Committed to helping businesses, startups, professionals, investors, and others succeed

Corporate & Business Transactions

A business deal can be difficult.
I can guide you.

Startups & Small Business

Start off, or start up, on the right foot.
I've been there.

Outside General Counsel

Sometimes your business needs someone on speed-dial.
I can do that.

Why choose Ryan to be your Business Attorney


Excellent Track Record

If you are a startup navigating legal waters for the first time or a small business...
If you are an established business looking for a high-quality corporate lawyer...
If you are an individual seeking to protect yourself...
If this is "not your first rodeo" and you don't need hand-holding, you just need a seasoned deal-closer...
If your family business is looking for guidance on how to expand or break new ground...

Call me.
I've been there. And I can help.

Fee Transparency

Legal work can be expensive, and nobody likes a surprise bill.
Having been in-house General Counsel, I have been in that boat, too.

I can't cover all your legal needs for free, but I can help you think about which expenses make sense and which expenses don't... before we start the clock.

Unlike some of the larger and older law firms, I can also help with some unique and tailored alternative fee arrangements.

I get it.
Let's talk.


Personal Attention

My philosophy is simple. I believe that when you hire an attorney, that attorney should handle your issue.

Therefore, when you hire me, I will handle your issue.
When you call my office, you will talk to me (unless I am meeting with another client).
When you have questions, I will be the one answering them (if I can).

If this sounds right to you, I'd love to meet you.
Let's work together.

Let our experience be your guide 

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