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Law Offices of Ryan Reiffert, PLLC

The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas

A Professional and Experienced Business Attorney

Ryan is a business lawyer in San Antonio, Texas. He brings with him a combination of deep legal knowledge and expertise from training at the largest firms in the world, plus a business sensibility and adaptability honed from years spent as a tech startup General Counsel. But above all that, Ryan is an entrepreneur at heart and he brings that passion and personal attention when advising you and your business.
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Committed to helping clients succeed, Ryan is a San Antonio native who has high-quality credentials and the kind of experience that you’d pay top dollar for at a big law firm. But as a small business owner himself, he understands the need for a corporate lawyer who can balance quality advice, responsive service, and fair pricing.

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Why Choose Ryan As Your Business Attorney


Excellent Track Record

If you are a startup navigating legal waters for the first time or a small business… If you are an established business looking for a high-quality corporate lawyer… If you are an individual seeking to protect yourself…

If this is “not your first rodeo” and you don’t need hand-holding, you just need a seasoned deal-closer… If your family business is looking for guidance on how to expand or break new ground…


Fee Transparency

Legal work can be expensive, and nobody likes a surprise bill. Having been in-house General Counsel, I have been in that boat, too. I can’t cover all your legal needs for free, but I can help you think about which expenses make sense and which expenses don’t… before we start the clock.

Unlike some of the larger and older law firms, I can also help with some unique and tailored alternative fee arrangements.


Personal Attention

My philosophy is simple. I believe that when you hire an attorney, that attorney should handle your issue.

Therefore, when you hire me, I will handle your issue. When you call my office, you will talk to me (unless I am meeting with another client). When you have questions, I will be the one answering them (if I can).

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Ryan has both the legal and real-life expertise to help your company thrive. He also realizes that new times bring new challenges (and new opportunities) for those who are willing to adapt.

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Business Lawyer

So you are the founder of a startup. Your singular, intense (some would say mad scientist-esque), all-consuming, and utterly committed focus is on getting The Idea from your brain to the real world.

You are the CEO, and also possibly the CFO, the COO, the billing department, the marketing department, HR, and/or any and every other department.

You’re thinking about a million other things – you may not be thinking about entity structures, contract risk, securities laws, regulatory compliance, what IP you need to protect,  employees, exit options , and many other issues. That’s where a high-quality estate attorney comes into play.

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Asset Protection

Any time you own substantial assets, a successful business enterprise, or work as a professional in a litigious environment, you can become a target for lawsuits or creditors. There are many asset protection strategies that we can offer, including LLC asset protection, Corporation asset protection, Limited Partnership asset protection, and more.

Whether you own assets personally or your business owns them, your hard-earned assets can be taken in a judgment if they aren’t adequately protected.

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Estate Planning

While estate plans differ from person to person, fundamentally, it’s about one thing: your wishes should be respected. You spent your whole life working to care for your loved ones – why should your estate plan be given any less thought?

And you probably also want to minimize taxes. (fine! that’s two things).

There’s much more to consider: your own dignity and medical wishes at the end of life, preserving your legacy after death, furthering a treasured philanthropic or charitable cause, caring for your loved ones, ensuring the survival of the family business, and/or any other goal you would like to include in your plan. But regardless of what your goals are, a quality estate planning attorney can help you memorialize them correctly, in the proper documents.

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Reviews And Testimonials

Ryan is very helpful and knowledgeable. This guy knows his stuff. He is also very friendly & patient, which makes talking to him easy.

Archie M.

Ryan possesses a laser-like focus that allows him to key in on the pertinent facts of any situation. He has genuine concern for those around him and is community oriented. I have complete confidence in Ryan’s judgement and abilities.

Michele G.

With his passion for law along with tremendous knowledge, Ryan Reiffert makes any legal question or task a smooth and excellent experience.

Michael K.

Ryan Reiffert is a capable attorney who delivers results for his clients. I consider him a trusted consultant in business and management strategies. While Ryan’s education and experience is comprehensive, he also has access to a wide network of resources to ensure desired deliverables are achieved.

John K.

Ryan really helped my wife and I through the process of putting together a living will, he was a pleasure to work with.

Jeremy R.

Ryan, thank you so much for all the help. I was so nervous about the whole process and you made it a breeze!

Whitney S.

Being a client of Ryan Reiffert has been very refreshing. He does very well in assisting me with my unique situation as a small business owner and focusing on protecting my assets.

Steve B.

Business Succession Planning Attorney

Think of a business succession plan as somewhere between a prenup and and estate plan for your business – both highly important documents for individuals – and the equivalent is equally as important for protecting your business.

Some of the biggest hurdles facing business owners as they think through a business succession plan include liquidity, valuation, and control. There isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits all approach, and I can help you think through these issues (among others).

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Corporate Transactions Lawyer

A 2004 McKinsey study showed that a significant proportion of M&A deals fail to achieve projected synergies, and further noted that “most of the shareholder value created is likely to go not to the buyer but to the seller. Indeed, on average, the buyer pays the seller all of the value generated by a merger.”

If you’re the seller, that’s fantastic news; if you’re the buyer, not so much. As a business lawyer, part of my role in the transaction is to help keep you on the right side of these and other sometimes-harsh truths, and to help memorialize that protection in the (extensive) deal documentation.

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Probate Attorney

In its most basic terms, Probate is the process of passing property from the estate of a deceased person to the deceased person’s heirs. If the deceased executed a Last Will and Testament before his or her death, the probate process will involve offering the Will to the probate court, proving its legal validity, and appointing an executor (or executrix) approved by the court, whose function it is to administer the estate of the deceased according to the law and the Will.

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