Understanding Your Issues

Sometimes, you’re not sure what type of attorney you need. That’s OK. I can help you clarify your question and find the right person (even if it isn’t me!)

Other times, an issue that appeared to be a legal issue the first time you looked at it ends up being more of a business issue. And other times, an issue is complex, and it’s not easy to separate “this is a legal matter” from “that is a business matter“. – and where you first though you needed a corporate lawyer, you end up needing more of a business advisor. It’s cool. I can do both.

And still other times, you want a second set of eyes (my eyes) on an unrelated matter. I’m happy to help.

Sometimes, the best response to a business challenge is to bring in a team of high-powered business consultants to dissect your company, customers, suppliers, marketing campaigns, margins, conversion rates, and everything else under the sun… then give you a detailed set of recommendations for the best way to grow your business rapidly. These can be incredibly valuable, but they can also be incredibly expensive. Other times, the right answer is an accounting and/or legal review to clarify issues that you may already have a “hunch” about and come up with a gameplan to contain risk and protect assets. And sometimes, the answer is something else entirely.

Whether you’re looking to solve a discrete problem, responding to a competitor’s moves, or looking to get that final push to get your business to the top of the mountain, the first step is to call someone you can trust.

At the end of the day, if you read ten stories about ten entrepreneurs with successful companies, you will likely get ten completely different takeaways regarding¬†how their businesses grew and became successful, and the lessons to be gleaned from that. There are many ways to be successful in business, and as many (or more) ways to fail. As a corporate lawyer with significant experience in many different aspects of business, I’m here for you and together we’ll develop YOUR plan.

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