Fee Transparency

One of the most common questions that I am asked has to do with legal fees. Some people are (quite understandably) afraid to hire an attorney because of the steep hourly rates that can be involved. The almighty Billable Hour has been a cornerstone of the legal profession for decades. Attorneys are expensive; especially good attorneys. But we’re not as expensive as a company-destroying litigation or a lucrative business deal gone wrong. So, what to do about this? While I cannot wave a magic wand and make high-quality legal services free, I can work with your business to help you get more predictability with some alternative fee structures. Many times, an hourly rate is the cleanest option. Other times, it is not. Maybe all you need is a quick phone call from time to time. We can do a subscription fee. Or maybe your project is a one-off, with nothing fancy. We can do a flat fee. But, above all, I’ll make sure you’re aware of what direction the fee-clock is going.

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