Roughly a year and a half ago, I wrote this blog article describing a man who requested a trial by combat as a result of his acrimonious divorce and his difficult time spent in the Iowa family court system. While that article was certainly entertaining – to write, as well as to research, and hopefully to read as well – I never really expected that it would create much of a reaction. After all, my main practice is centered around business law and estate planning, most of the articles I write are centered around business law and estate planning, and most people who read my blog read it for news about business law and estate planning. So, while writing about the bizarre request for trial by combat was fun, it wasn’t relevant. Well, something happened. I got an email from David Ostrom, the Kansas Swordsman himself, telling me that he enjoyed reading my article. So, I did the logical thing and asked him if he would be willing to appear on my YouTube channel.