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San Antonio Outside General Counsel

Many businesspeople appreciate having an experienced lawyer on “speed dial” when legal matters arise. For large corporations or well-funded startups, this may mean an in-house attorney or General Counsel. However, this is not always a cost-effective option for a small business.

It is especially true in law that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A short conversation with an experienced attorney can often defuse an incipient legal issue – with minimal hassle – before it becomes a major problem.

This is where I come in. My name is Ryan Reiffert, and I bring several years of experience as an in-house General Counsel to the table. Sometimes a quasi-academic twenty-page memo delivered three weeks from now is appropriate. Sometimes, it is not. When you need cost-effective, bottom-line legal guidance, on a time crunch, I can deliver. I get it.

Many times, the issue you’re calling about is something I can handle myself very quickly and easily, or something that can be addressed with a simple preventative measure on your end. Other times, it is not such an easy issue and alternatives will need to be discussed – but those discussions are almost always much easier in advance.

As an added “bonus” – when you return to me with multiple legal issues, we don’t have to spend time (or money) going through the basics. I have already asked you the introductory questions and I am already familiar with your business and operations. I hit the ground running.

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