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Many businesspeople appreciate having an experienced lawyer on “speed dial” when legal matters arise. For large corporations or well-funded startups, this may mean an in-house attorney or General Counsel. However, this is not always a cost-effective option for a small business.

It is especially true in law that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A short conversation with an experienced attorney can often defuse an incipient legal issue – with minimal hassle – before it becomes a major problem.

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This is where I come in. My name is Ryan Reiffert, and I bring several years of experience as an in-house General Counsel to the table. Sometimes a quasi-academic twenty-page memo delivered three weeks from now is appropriate. Sometimes, it is not. When you need cost-effective, bottom-line legal guidance, on a time crunch, I can deliver. I get it.

Many times, the issue you’re calling about is something I can handle myself very quickly and easily, or something that can be addressed with a simple preventative measure on your end. Other times, it is not such an easy issue and alternatives will need to be discussed – but those discussions are almost always much easier in advance.

As an added “bonus” – when you return to me with multiple legal issues, we don’t have to spend time (or money) going through the basics. I have already asked you the introductory questions and I am already familiar with your business and operations. I hit the ground running.


Reviews And Testimonials

Ryan is very helpful and knowledgeable. This guy knows his stuff. He is also very friendly & patient, which makes talking to him easy.

Archie M.

Ryan possesses a laser-like focus that allows him to key in on the pertinent facts of any situation. He has genuine concern for those around him and is community oriented. I have complete confidence in Ryan’s judgement and abilities.

Michele G.

With his passion for law along with tremendous knowledge, Ryan Reiffert makes any legal question or task a smooth and excellent experience.

Michael K.

Ryan Reiffert is a capable attorney who delivers results for his clients. I consider him a trusted consultant in business and management strategies. While Ryan’s education and experience is comprehensive, he also has access to a wide network of resources to ensure desired deliverables are achieved.

John K.

Ryan really helped my wife and I through the process of putting together a living will, he was a pleasure to work with.

Jeremy R.

Ryan, thank you so much for all the help. I was so nervous about the whole process and you made it a breeze!

Whitney S.

Being a client of Ryan Reiffert has been very refreshing. He does very well in assisting me with my unique situation as a small business owner and focusing on protecting my assets.

Steve B.
Reasons to work with us

Why Choose Ryan As Your Business Attorney


Excellent Track Record

If you are a startup navigating legal waters for the first time or a small business… If you are an established business looking for a high-quality corporate lawyer… If you are an individual seeking to protect yourself…

If this is “not your first rodeo” and you don’t need hand-holding, you just need a seasoned deal-closer… If your family business is looking for guidance on how to expand or break new ground…


Fee Transparency

Legal work can be expensive, and nobody likes a surprise bill. Having been in-house General Counsel, I have been in that boat, too. I can’t cover all your legal needs for free, but I can help you think about which expenses make sense and which expenses don’t… before we start the clock.

Unlike some of the larger and older law firms, I can also help with some unique and tailored alternative fee arrangements.


Personal Attention

My philosophy is simple. I believe that when you hire an attorney, that attorney should handle your issue.

Therefore, when you hire me, I will handle your issue. When you call my office, you will talk to me (unless I am meeting with another client). When you have questions, I will be the one answering them (if I can).

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