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San Antonio Outside General Counsel

Are you a Small Business owner looking for assistance with legal problems? Then it is time you get in touch with an experienced lawyer. From small family businesses to well-funded startups and large corporations, every corporate company will likely need a general counsel (or “GC”) at some point. But what if you can’t necessarily afford a full-time in-house GC? This is where “outside general counsel” comes into the picture.

It is especially true in law that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A short conversation with an experienced attorney can often defuse an incipient legal issue – with minimal hassle – before it becomes a major problem.

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My name is Ryan Reiffert, and I bring several years of experience as an in-house General Counsel to the table. Sometimes a quasi-academic twenty-page memo delivered three weeks from now is appropriate. Sometimes, it is not. When you need cost-effective, bottom-line legal guidance, on a time crunch, I can deliver. I get it.

Many times, the issue you’re calling about is something I can handle myself very quickly and easily, or something that can be addressed with a simple preventative measure on your end. Other times, it is not such an easy issue and alternatives will need to be discussed – but those discussions are almost always much easier in advance.

As an added “bonus” – when you return to me with multiple legal issues, we don’t have to spend time (or money) going through the basics. I have already asked you the introductory questions and I am already familiar with your business and operations. I hit the ground running.


Reviews And Testimonials

Ryan is very helpful and knowledgeable. This guy knows his stuff. He is also very friendly & patient, which makes talking to him easy.

Archie M.

Ryan possesses a laser-like focus that allows him to key in on the pertinent facts of any situation. He has genuine concern for those around him and is community oriented. I have complete confidence in Ryan’s judgement and abilities.

Michele G.

With his passion for law along with tremendous knowledge, Ryan Reiffert makes any legal question or task a smooth and excellent experience.

Michael K.

Ryan Reiffert is a capable attorney who delivers results for his clients. I consider him a trusted consultant in business and management strategies. While Ryan’s education and experience is comprehensive, he also has access to a wide network of resources to ensure desired deliverables are achieved.

John K.

Ryan really helped my wife and I through the process of putting together a living will, he was a pleasure to work with.

Jeremy R.

Ryan, thank you so much for all the help. I was so nervous about the whole process and you made it a breeze!

Whitney S.

Being a client of Ryan Reiffert has been very refreshing. He does very well in assisting me with my unique situation as a small business owner and focusing on protecting my assets.

Steve B.

All About Outside General Counsel (or "Outside GC")

What is an Outside General Counsel?

Whether you are a small enterprise or a medium-sized corporation, you are always vulnerable to potential legal issues. Things like litigation and compliance problems are a common occurrence and can happen at any time without warning in the corporate world.

Larger companies often have better resources to deal with such issues. For starters, they may have an entire in-house legal team or department to protect them from any legal predicaments. But what about the small businesses that cannot afford a huge in-house legal team due to a limited budget?

Most small businesses that ignore this aspect often end up dealing with legal issues on their own – at a much greater expense in both time and money. Not only will this cause you unnecessary pain, but it also halts your productivity and consumes your time, energy, and creativity, causing financial turmoil at least temporarily and/or – in the worst-case scenario – permanently.

How Can Law Offices of Ryan Reiffert Help?

Our General Counsel services allow you to have a flexible arrangement to deal with your legal issues while you focus on your business activities. I have experience handling some of the most difficult as well as more mundane and typical tasks associated with the needs of businesses throughout the corporate sector.

From contract reviews to general legal advice, we can help you manage a wide array of legal matters. Moreover, you can also contact us to manage your specific legal issues in specific areas of law such as real estate, securities, M&A, etc.

As outside general counsel, we will also be able to serve as a mediator between you and other companies. For example, a business partner might bring in a legal team to negotiate the terms and conditions of a mutual services contract or other agreement. Perhaps the business partner is a bigger organization that can afford a legal team of their own. In this case, you can contact Law Offices of Ryan Reiffert, PLLC to help negotiate a favorable deal on your behalf. If you’re doing business in the San Antonio area and its vicinity, call us!

Please feel free to contact us at (210)-817-4388 so that we can learn about your business and evaluate how we can help!

What Else We Do At Law Offices of Ryan Reiffert

Many clients rely on us to act as their legal department. Ryan Reiffert routinely assists clients in San Antonio, Texas, Bexar County, and beyond, working closely with core business personnel to gain in-depth knowledge about their operations and business activities – and assist in legal planning and prevention.

We take pride in our client-centric approach and we believe it results in one of the most cost-efficient models of providing legal counsel and advice to our clients, so that they can focus on the business without the specter of a surprise legal bill.

How Does Outside General Counsel Work?

Here is a quick overview of what to expect when your company contacts Law Offices of Ryan Reiffert for Outside General Counsel services.

In a typical scenario,

  • The first step: Attorney Ryan Reiffert receiving the call from your company to discuss the legal issue. Generally speaking, the first consultation is free, and at this time we “meet and greet” and determine if it will be a good match for us to work together.
  • The second step: we evaluate your problem and goal in greater detail – including listening to your needs, getting to know your business, and developing (together with you) a plan of action, for this specific problem, and/or more broadly.
  • The third step: we act as your strategic advisors and together we get the problem taken care of.

Our primary goal is to work swiftly and efficiently with our clients to achieve a solution that works for them – we know that there are vanishingly few (if any) one-size-fits-all solutions in corporate law. We also know many of our client businesses on a very up-close level – which in many cases helps us to render better, more tailored legal advice.

Here is a list of some of the other aspects of law and legal representation that we can assist you with.

  • State and federal securities law, their case filings, as well as reporting obligations.
  • Licensing agreements,
  • Strategic transactions
  • Commercial contracts
  • Shareholders and board members resolutions
  • Corporate governance
  • Directors meetings
  • Consents
  • Shareholders meetings
  • Evaluating and advising on the legal aspects of the minutes of the meetings.
  • Capital raises
  • Counseling and representing directors and officers on strategic considerations and fiduciary duties.
  • Basic employment law and matters such as hiring, termination, benefits, compensations, insurances, retention, employee’s guidebook/handbook, etc.
  • Executive compensations such as restricted stock agreements, stock options, equity-based as well as non-equity-based incentives and compensations.
  • Patents, trademarks, and intellectual property protections.
  • Risk management
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation
  • Commercial and real estate planning and purchasing

List of Our Roles at Law Offices of Ryan Reiffert as Your Outside General Counsel

Here is a brief explanation of some of the functions of an Outside GC that you can hire us for. Of course, our goal is to accommodate the legal needs of your organization in the most effective way.

1- “Preventive Maintenance” Legal Advisors

In this role, we will be your outside general counsel and legal advisor to help you spot potential legal issues early in their development, so that can be dealt with swiftly and cheaply (“nip it in the bud”). 

2- Negotiation Representative

As your outside general counsel, we will serve and act as your primary and first point of contact for negotiation. This role also means that we will likely work together on each significant business transaction and litigation matter on both the legal and business/negotiation aspects. When you retain us, we act in the capacity of an advisor and a team member, for whatever issues may arise.

3- Legal Service Provider

We can also offer you numerous legal services that will allow you to navigate through legal terrain without any hassle, and without the monetary expense or expenditure of time required when getting a new firm up to speed on your business model – because we’re already up to speed. We can, in this capacity, provide guidance to the various divisions of the company about the legal matters related to their particular domains. If you desire, we will also assist you with your compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

Overview of Some Considerations We Cover as Outside GC

Here is a quick overview of some of the considerations we can potentially cover when you engage us to work as your outside general counsel.

1- Advertising

If you are advertising for products and/or services, you must comply with a slew of federal and state laws, not only for consumer privacy and consumer protection laws, but many others as well. For example, the product’s or service’s advertisement may result in liability for any false claims, which could lead to disastrous lawsuits.

2- Customer Data Protection

Businesses deal with clients and customers all the time. However, if you are a business that has to handle customers personal or financial information, then you must comply with many laws including the GDPR, COPPA, CCPA, and many more. You almost certainly need an attorney’s perspective (for example, an outside general counsel). This is crucial to ensure that you comply with laws pertaining to consumers’ privacy. Moreover, it is important to consider whether the information you are handling may constitute Personal Health Information (or PHI) under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which imposes rather draconian privacy rules and penalties for noncompliance.

3- Corporate Governance

While you may be a very small business, you are nonetheless obliged to abide by all the local, state, and federal laws and regulations pertaining to corporate governance, and the procedures required thereby.

The state of Texas has several specific prerequisites that you must fulfill, such as disclosures, annual filings, maintenance of records for every corporate meeting, payment of registration or foreign qualification fees, etc. Without compliance, accumulated penalties can become quite hefty. On a federal level, you may have to produce tax filings or other public disclosure; and if your company ever registers with the SEC, get ready for a whole suite of additional onerous disclosure requirements. 

We can work with you every step of the way to ensure that you stay compliant. This will keep your good standing with the State of TExas and minimize risk (from that source)

4- Employment Laws

As a company, you will likely have some employees – perhaps not at this moment in time, but one day. This is one of the most critical and potentially complexlegal areas companies struggle with.

There are several tricky areas that can land your organization in trouble, including rights disclosure, workplace hazards, discriminatory practices, unlawful termination lawsuits, sexual harassment, compensation claim-related legal matters, etc. We can assist you with implementing policies and procedures to minimize and cabin this risk.

5- Intellectual Corporate Matters

From patents to trade secrets and from copyrights to trademarks, in today’s marketplace, companies must safeguard their intellectual property or risk disaster. Furthermore, you must take steps top ensure that you do not intentionally or unintentionally infringe someone else’s intellectual property rights. Outside general counsel provided by Law Offices of Ryan Reiffert can help you cover your legal grounds and tread safely.

6- Research and Analysis

We can evaluate your legal documents and conduct research on your behalf on any given legal issue. As outside general counsel we can help you with reviewing the electronic records, claims documents, legal transcriptions, etc. that may provide some insight into the best way to resolve your legal issue.

7- Regulatory Compliance

Every business must comply with certain rules and regulations related to their respective industry. However, regulatory compliance may actually be far more critical and vital when it comes to certain sectors and industries.

These especially critical industries may include the harmful chemical industry, explosives industry, manufacturing products sector, the medical sector, and the technology sector. Finance and banking, as well, is one of the most highly regulated industry sectors in the entire world.


Reasons to work with us

Why Choose Ryan As Your Business Attorney


Excellent Track Record

If you are a startup navigating legal waters for the first time or a small business… If you are an established business looking for a high-quality corporate lawyer… If you are an individual seeking to protect yourself…

If this is “not your first rodeo” and you don’t need hand-holding, you just need a seasoned deal-closer… If your family business is looking for guidance on how to expand or break new ground…


Fee Transparency

Legal work can be expensive, and nobody likes a surprise bill. Having been in-house General Counsel, I have been in that boat, too. I can’t cover all your legal needs for free, but I can help you think about which expenses make sense and which expenses don’t… before we start the clock.

Unlike some of the larger and older law firms, I can also help with some unique and tailored alternative fee arrangements.


Personal Attention

My philosophy is simple. I believe that when you hire an attorney, that attorney should handle your issue.

Therefore, when you hire me, I will handle your issue. When you call my office, you will talk to me (unless I am meeting with another client). When you have questions, I will be the one answering them (if I can).

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